Friday, 18 March 2016

How To Choose The Best Restaurant Or Café In Luang Prabang

Restaurant in Luang Prabang

The beautiful city of Luang Prabang is lined with some exciting food joints serving authentic Laos cuisine. From fine dining restaurants to budget eateries- its lively streets are filled with some excellent choices to relish local delicacies. To figure the best restaurant in Luang Prabang is an exhausting task, as even small food joint offers an array of cuisines at affordable prices. Given below is a list of few pointers to help you out:


Consider your budget before choosing a particular restaurant. You can surf online listing out famous eateries in the area falling under a specific price range. Check customer reviews and see whether the food or services offered is worth the cost demanded.

Search Options

Choose a restaurant in Luang Prabang that offers multiple cuisines while catering to your specific taste. If you are a first-time visitor to this place, make sure you choose an eatery that serves authentic Laos dishes and gives you a sneak peek into the food culture.

Sufficient Parking Area

Check whether your café in Luang Prabang has enough parking spaces to accommodate the large number of vehicles, so that you do not face any problem even on busy holidays and occasions. The parking lot must be authorized and provide valet services.

Make Reservations

Most restaurants are overcrowded during weekends and holidays. If you have a specific choice of café in Luang Prabang, make sure it facilitates prior reservations of seats. Call directly and inquire about their reservation policies before making a visit.

Special Requirements

If you are following a specific diet schedule or prone to some food allergies, make sure your restaurant caters to these special requirements. Mostly, cafes and restaurants advertise their specialty online making it easier for you to avail the best option.